Last week (02.04.18 – 08.04.18) the Estiem Coun­cil Mee­ting (CM) took place in Karls­ru­he. Accor­ding to the mot­to „work hard, play hard” our two dele­ga­tes Leo Bausch and Eli­as Schim­mer expe­ri­en­ced a week full of dis­cus­sing, working and mee­ting other IEM stu­dents out of almost every euro­pean coun­try. In this week they got an over­view of how ESTIEM works and through the elec­tions they were able to con­tri­bu­te to the deve­lo­p­ment of ESTIEMs future.
A huge sup­port they got from Anne Unter­mann (local respon­si­ble), Kevin Syn­o­wiec (Regio­nal Coor­di­na­tor North-East), Maxi­mi­li­an Rus­sig, Michel­le Horn, Lau­ra Knip­ping, Domi­nik Rampp and Adam Serafin.

We´re extrem­ly proud to be cal­led the „Rai­sing Star” of the last year. This shows how much we have grown and how much we have achie­ved the past year.
We all hope that this spi­rit will increase in the next few months.

Also a big thanks to VWI-ESTIEM Hoch­schul­grup­pe Karls­ru­he e.V. for orga­ni­s­ing a per­fekt week!